As Australia’s premium trade-only print finishing supplier, Avon graphics can provide a range of specialty prepress options such as foil stamping dies, single level embossing dies, fully sculpted multi-level embossing dies and counter dies.

Utilising the best CNC engraving and etching equipment available along with hand tooled finishing, Avon Graphics produce the highest quality dies available in the Australian market.

Foil Stamping Dies

Avon Graphics can custom-make magnesium, aluminium or brass foil stamping dies for your next project, holding the quality needed on the most precise image. Dies are available in a variety of thicknesses across all materials to suit any application. One of our friendly team members can help recommend the right material for your work.

Embossing Dies

Avon Graphics can manufacture a magnesium, aluminium or brass embossing die to your exact specifications using a range of different equipment. Our embossing dies stand the test of time and can be reused each time your project goes to press. Embossing dies are supplied with a male counter die and are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to add lift to your image.

Sculpted Embossing Dies

Our in-house engraving department can create the most intricate of shapes into any die material. From two-level dies to fully sculpted images, Avon Graphics will create a die that will give exquisite detail to your next embossing project.

Photopolymer Plate Making

The use of light-sensitive photopolymer plates has opened letterpress printing to the digital world, removing the limitations through access to digitally based typefaces and artwork.   Avon Graphics creates photopolymer plates by transferring the negative of a digitally created design to a sheet of polymer.   Once exposed to light in a controlled exposing unit, the exposed areas become hard, while the remaining portion stays soft and pliable.  Washing then rubs away the soft material leaving only the areas that were exposed.  Final baking then hardens the plate and design so that it can withstand the pressure of a letterpress.  Photopolymer plates are popular plates in the flexo printing and coating industries.

Request samples

Please complete the information form to receive a sample pack of our products in the mail.  We will happily forward specific print or embellishment processes should you require certain examples.