Avon Graphics offers a large range of standard and specialty laminating films, UV and aqueous coatings that are optimal for printers, brand owners, designers, and marketing agencies for all print operations. Our staff are experts with print coatings and are delighted to assist in choosing the optimum coating for your project.


With gloss, matte, soft touch, anti-scuff, silver metallised, PET and biodegradable amongst others available, our laminates can be applied using both water based adhesive and thermal adhesives.

Using a laminate will not only protect your printed product for longevity but will create a finish not achievable with any other process. The use of different laminates combined with other processes like foil, Alumma, embossing or UV coating will create an amazing outcome on your printed product.

Our silver over printable laminate can be a cost-effective process to achieve a metallic print finish on large areas of the sheet.

types of laminating

thermal laminating

The traditional laminating process, thermal laminating involves bonding film to paper using both heat and pressure. As heat is applied, the pre applied glue melts and adheres to the material. Thermal laminating brings a gloss or matt finish to any printed job adding protection whilst enhancing the visual appearance. Thermal laminating is popular for use with most printed items and for any project where an enhanced look and protection is required.

Wet Glue Laminating

Where maximum bond strength is required on your work, wet glue laminating is the answer. Suitable for paper and board of any thickness and versatile for many applications, water-based wet lamination adhesives are solvent and volatile organic compound free and applicable for indirect free food contact items. Wet glue laminating is an excellent choice for folding cartons, magazine covers, book covers, menus, brochures and printed products which have high customer contact.

specialty laminating

Anti-scuff matt laminating

An attractive matt finish that resists scuffing and scratching, anti-scuff matt laminating is perfect for use over dark print images where scuffing may be more visible. Ideal for book covers, cartons, menus and other frequently handled products, the surface is specially formulated allowing it to stand the test of time.

Soft Touch Laminating

Adding the ultimate tactile finish to your high-end project, soft touch matt laminating adds a luxurious, exclusive silky velvet feel to any printed item.

Gluable Laminating

Available in a gloss or matte finish, glue-able laminate is ideal for use with items such as folding cartons. Confidently laminate your product knowing that it will hold strong for years to come.


Creating stunning smooth silvery effect, silver laminating adds a reflective finish and can be over printed to create a metallic print finish.

UV Coating

Liquid-based UV coatings are applied by using flexo plates, blankets or screens and then exposed to UV lamps to cure the ink. With finishes from high gloss and matte plus specialty finishes such as glow in the dark, scratch and sniff, scratch off latex and sand texture, UV coating boasts a hard finish and instant drying making them extremely popular. UV coatings are also chemical and abrasion resistant.

There is plenty of versatility when choosing UV coatings with Avon Graphics, including an all-over or spot coating which can add a highlight or interactive finish to any printed item.

UV Coating

Screen gloss UV coating

Screen gloss UV coating can be applied as a spot or all over process to create a stunning glass-like effect. Using a screen gloss UV over a matte laminate will create a stunning finish high in contrast.

Flexo Gloss UV Coating

Perfect for medium to high-volume projects, our cyrel-based coating systems can be used for all-over or spot coating with reusable plates. The UV ink has outstanding flow and leveling properties and excellent curing capability. Creating an even, smooth, high gloss surface, with superior flexibility for scoring and folding all at a higher speed and lower cost.

Screen matt UV coating

Mostly used as a spot effect to create an elegant visual and tactile result. Screen matt UV coating also adds contrast over a conventional machine varnish, coated stock or gloss laminate.

specialty UV Coating

Glow-in-the-dark UV coating

If your target audience engages with your brand when it’s dark, phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark screen printing will create a memorable experience. Bring life to any job even when the lights are turned off or in a darker environment. Popular for packaging, stickers, direct mail, postcards, Halloween promotions, gift cards, glow-in-the-dark printing works best over white and lighter printed colours. Glow-in-the-dark can be applied to coated paper, laminated products and plastic sheets.

Scratch & Sniff UV coating

Printing embellishment is about enhancing your users’ senses to engage with your product. A major attribute of scent is its power to evoke emotions as well as affect perception. Brewed coffee, chocolate, freshly mown grass, campfire toasted marshmallows and baby powder are some of the scents that consumers have a strong reaction to. Create a printed piece that consumers can see, as well as the smell will ensure your brand is memorable. Scratch and sniff scent spot coating engages the most primal of our senses, smell, and consumers cannot help themselves from engaging with your scratch and sniff coatings. With a huge list of premier and custom scents available, utilising scratch and sniff UV coating guarantees interaction with the end user, and utilising scent in your marketing yields big dividends.

Thermochromic UV Coating

Popular in food, wine, automotive, cosmetics, luxury and medical industries, specialised thermochromic ink coating reacts to changes in temperature. With a range of temperature from 15- 60 degrees, and a range of different colours available, Avon can set a temperature range for disappearing or reappearing ink which your consumers can visualise to check the temperature of a product. It is also possible to choose reversible, memory or irreversible temperature effects.

High-build UV coating

Add an extra dimension with this thick high gloss finish on either coated or uncoated stocks. Differing amounts of varnish can be deposited according to the silk screen mesh count, which results in a raised image effect. Ask us regarding how to optimise the effect you are after.

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