Australia's Leading Print Trade Supplier

Avon Graphics is recognised as Australia’s leading specialist print trade supplier and embellishment company employing over 100 staff.

The company boasts 5 manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. All sites have a range of equipment from small, half and full sheet size embellishment machinery along with laminating, UV coating, forme cutting and in-house die making.

Our trade only large format printing and finishing departments boast state of the art equipment across all three states.

Avon Graphics is a family-owned business with a great team of passionate and professional staff working across all areas of the company. We believe in service and creating trust with our clients.

Over 45 years of trading has allowed the company to perfect traditional embellishment techniques and create imaginative ways to enhance the artistry of printing.

The Future Is Bright

"At Avon Graphics we are not standing still. Print has unrivalled benefits, and we will continue to expand those benefits to create inspired products. "

Avon recognises that today’s combination of print operations combined with high-end print finishing adds the kind of value sought by our clients that can create inspired print products for end users, expertly, consistently and every time.

Quality embellishment enhances the world of print.



Today, it’s not enough to have a product or service that simply works. Part of the marketing and positioning of the product, along with the creativity and scientific decision-making, is inbuilt into the design phase.

More than ever, the design strategy of combining art with aesthetics for end-user consideration is essential, along with materials used, production processes, and business strategy for selling the product.

Avon Graphics works closely with the design community to help bring brands to life by offering knowledge, embellishment guides, case studies and sampling.

Request samples

Please complete the information form to receive a sample pack of our products in the mail.  We will happily forward specific print or embellishment processes should you require certain examples.