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Avon Graphics specialises in post-press embellishments such as foil stamping, embossing, laminating, and UV coating. Positioned to also handle any large format digital printing and finishing trade work, we host a large range of equipment across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The embellishment of printing and packaging is a proven method of attracting attention, generating sales, and positioning a product positively in a customer’s eyes. Avon Graphics is committed to helping you make the most of those vital few seconds your clients must attract attention to their product.


Foil Stamping

If your client's printing project demands visually appealing metallic, pigmented, and holographic foil embellishments, Avon Graphics Foil Stamping affords you an expansive choice.


Creating a sophisticated, high-end finish, embellishing packaging through embossing, raising the image or text against its background, or debossing, recessing the image into its background, is a popular process creating stunning three-dimensional effects.


Alumma is Avon Graphics’ radical new hot foil treatment which utilises a metallic foil image with a raised finish. The innovative Alumma embellishing process involves laying down foil without the need to create a die first, meaning that, not only are the entry costs of dazzling embellishments reduced, but Alumma also enables short-run work.


Where presswork and embellishment impart content, cutting (or die-cutting) adds shape to a printed piece. Being a subtractive process, as cutting takes away from the initial printed piece, it provides impact by both subtly and explicitly heightening engagement and reinforcing the call to action.


When designing printing material or products for your commercial print job, your clients will also need to consider print coating types. Coatings protect against moisture, dirt, creasing, fading, scuff marks, smudges, water damage, wrinkles, stains, and general wear and tear. Coatings also enhance visual appeal.


Today, the use of security printing to avoid adulteration, forgery, and counterfeiting, and to secure products or documents from any sort of duplication is more important than ever. We offer off the shelf holograms through to personalized unique holograms with the highest measures of security.

Specialty PrePress

As Australia’s premium trade-only supplier Avon graphics Avon can provide a range of specialty prepress such as foiling, debossing and embossing dies, and photopolymer plates.


EcoEmbellish provides you with the option to choose environmentally friendly embellishments for your printing project, better-reflecting society’s values and providing a point of differentiation for your client's brand.

Large Format

Avon Graphics is Australia’s leading large format trade house, with both roll-to-roll and flatbed printers plus a range of finishing equipment along with pick and pack, warehousing and distribution options.

Trade Large Format Printing

Offering a full-service large format department including pre-press, printing, cutting, kitting, warehousing and distribution, our finishing services include sewing, laminating, eyeleting, gluing, strutting, mounting and taping. Avon’s trade-only service offers the latest technology for printing on an endless variety of substrates up to a thickness of 50mm. Included in our trade service is packing personalisation with your branding for direct delivery to your client.


Complementing our large format printing department, our conveyer flatbed cutters make light work out of the toughest jobs. These high-performance cutters give the competitive edge in cutting any substrates up to 50mm thick. Our cutting tools include different knives, creasing tools, v notches, perforating, kiss cutters, and various router bits for more rigid substrates.

Your Specialty Trade Print Partner

Regardless of the digital explosion, print remains a key player in maximising audience engagement and revenue generation. But long gone are the days when the purpose of printing and packaging was simply for the identification, communication, and protection of a product. Whereas it used to be that the only thing you needed to do to stand out was to add a flash of colour, now the main functions of printing and packaging are promotion, prestige, and differentiation. With only seconds for today’s distracted consumers to notice your brand, research has proven that imaginative optical and other sensory effects not only attract attention, but also project confidence and boldly position your product away from your competitors.

Helping your customers stand out from the crowd.

"At Avon Graphics we are not standing still. Print has unrivalled benfits, and we will continue to expand those benefits to create inspired products"


Add Personality to Your Brand

The use of multi-sensory printing also enriches consumers’ experience of your brand. Combining the sense of sight with touch or smell can encourage consumers to engage further with your product, making it more memorable. Embellishments such as gloss and matte foils, embossing, debossing, dimensional varnish, scratch and sniff, thermochromic and glow-in-the-dark all add exponentially to the impact of your brand on your consumer.

Embellishment reinforces the place of print in multi-channel marketing strategies. But even as consumers have become more discerning, the packaging of products still influences all generations and age groups and plays a vital role in today’s marketing and e-commerce. With research proving that 30% of consumers who pick up a product will purchase it, there is real power in combining visual and tactile elements to get consumer attention and make a connection.

The future of Trade only Large Format Printing and Embellishment

As Australia’s leading specialised print finishing house, and at the forefront of technology and capacity, Avon Graphics is leading the way into the future ensuring printed products can remain ahead of their competition.

Through innovations such as the new Alumma die-less foiling operation, installation of the first Durst P5 350HS hybrid press in the southern hemisphere, and recyclable embellishments, Avon Graphics is a true industry leader. In addition, Avon Graphics have launched EcoEmbellish, a sustainable, environmentally friendly embellishment service that serves our customers and protects our earth.

“We believe in the future of Embellishment, it offers Brands, Agencies, Retailers, Printers and Packaging Operations the means to present their products in an attention-grabbing way, providing an aspirational look and feel to the product.”


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