Alumma is Avon Graphics’ radical new hot foil process which adds a foil with an embossed finish to a substrate, all without a die.

Manufactured within Australia and unique to Avon Graphics, Alumma has hit the market at a perfect time as Australian companies are meeting their manufacturing needs onshore. Alumma has the power to lift embellishment to new heights with fast turnaround while remaining cost competitive with offshore manufacturing.

Dent Free Foil Embossing

With Alumma embellishment an emboss can be created without denting the substrate, meaning valuable real estate on the reverse of your printing is freed up.
Our custom-built machine combines several technologies with a specially developed adhesive to create a raised finish that is highly reflective and visually stunning.
An eco friendly finish with a beautiful, eye-catching result.

Cost-Effective Short-Run Work

Having an embellishing system that makes short-run work cost-effective is a breakthrough for Avon. Our Alumma machines took four years of development and research, including the building of several prototype machines to perfect the process.
Two machines are now running in Melbourne and Sydney, with the Brisbane office adding to the fleet shortly. The process is cost-effective whether you’re print runs are small or large at any sheet size.

Shortened Turnaround Time

The Alumma process boasts turnaround times unheard of in the print finishing industry. Whilst traditional die making can be produced quickly inhouse, Alumma is typically a straight to press process meaning our turnaround times on certain work can be achieved a lot faster. Alumma also requires minimal makeready time. In this digital age, speed is important.

“We are proud of Alumma. It offers a die-less operation, and produces an extremely high quality raised foil finish, with everything from fine detail to solid areas looking amazing on any printed items"


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