At Avon, we care about our impact on the environment and are always evolving to meet the needs of our consumers.

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The word at the top of the list right now is sustainability.

Ecoembellish: the future of embellishment

Traditionally, some printing processes have not been recyclable. This creates a problem today as more consumers, in particular millennials who are quickly becoming the largest consumer group, care deeply about their impact on the environment. As a society, we are becoming more aware of the processes and manufacturing involved, as well as the types of materials and packaging used for the products we consume.


Avon Graphics proudly introduces Ecolux Foilboard. A wonderful new product under the Ecoembellish banner. A fully recyclable metallised silver foil board that can be over printed with a range of printing techniques.

Years of research and development have allowed Avon Graphics to create Ecolux – and we are proud to bring it to the market.

Ecolux gives a smooth, high gloss metallic finish without any plastic film, so the end result is a foilboard that can be used for packaging and a wide variety of printed material whilst meeting the recycling requirements of today’s marketplace.

Avon advise testing on your press and will be happy to provide samples if required. Just call your nearest office or use the request form on the website.

Stunning (and recyclable) embellishment.

Stunning (and recyclable) Embellishment

Whereas much of the traditional embellishment packaging is not recyclable due to the polyester component of the process, Ecolux is Avon’s radical new fully recyclable embellishment.

Whilst it’s been previously assumed that high-class embellishment is not recyclable, ecoembellish is here to disrupt the industry, creating stunning visual effects from 100% recyclable material.

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Proud of unrivalled innovation within the printing and embellishment industry, Avon Graphics recognises that the world of technology and print are fusing at an increasing rate. Whereas designers of the past would focus on function and form, they are now required to be part engineers, marketers, business strategists and brand managers, as well as consider the environment.

Ecoembellish introduces embellishments not yet seen in the design industry. We are not only a trusted manufacturer in the printing trade but take pride in collaborating with you as creative advisors on your quest for differentiation and heightened brand awareness.

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