Embossing & Debossing

Embellishing packaging through embossing & debossing, raising or lowering the image or text against its background is a popular process creating stunning single level or sculpted multi-layer effects.

Creating a Sophisticated, High-End Finish.

Embossing is most effectively applied to paper and cardboard and is both elegant on its own or combined with other embellishments such as foil stamping or spot coatings for an incredible effect.
And while research proves embellished products both enhance product identification and hold the attention of consumers for longer, embossing multi-dimensional visual effects also provides a tactile, feelable surface that engages your customer’s sense of touch.

Stunning Effects to Enhance Your Project

Embossing is achieved through the use of specialised metal tooling under pressure into paper and cardboard along with other substrates. With a full in-house die making facility, Avon Graphics can create the most stunning embossed finishes to enhance your printed products.

Request samples

Please complete the information form to receive a sample pack of our products in the mail.  We will happily forward specific print or embellishment processes should you require certain examples.