Foil Stamping

If your printing project demands visually appealing metallic, holographic, pigmented or holographic hot foil, Avon Graphics offers the largest range in Australia

It’s not hard to bring your print to the next level.

Nothing Spells WOW Like Foil Stamping

An essential part of any design process is an analysis of competitors for your project, and the need to differentiate and position the product. There is nothing that differentiates you quite like foil stamping.

Heat and pressure are used to apply our foils on paper and cardboard plus other substrates to create a range of lustrous optical effects, producing luminescent packaging for food products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, greeting cards, invitations, book covers, business cards and presentation folders. Foil stamping is also used as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

Foil stamping is the foremost choice for clients seeking a premier look for their high-end luxury product or service.

Traditional Hot Foil Stamping

Clients select hot foil stamping in order to dominate and differentiate their brand from competitors, as well as associate their brand with superior quality and a luxury feel.

The most traditional foiling process, there is an abundance in choice of colours for your hot foil stamping project at Avon Graphics. The photogenic resolution, versatility of colour and design, and durable, moisture and chemical-resistant finish make hot foiling the most popular choice for leading brands the world over.

Flashy foils to reflect your brand

Metallic foils

The classic metallic finish is popular in gold, silver, and a range of metallic color's in both gloss and matte finishes.

Pearlescent Foils

Popular for greeting cards, packaging and any printed items where subtle luxury is key, pearlescent foils add a shimmery, pearly shine to the finish.

Pigmented Foils

Pigmented foils are extremely versatile, come in an array of colours and add a non-metallic matte or glossy finish to a variety of substrates from paper to plastic.

Scratch Foils

Scratch foils are designed to be scratched off a card with a coin or fingernail and are popular for company promotions and lottery tickets.


Confetti, stripes, sparkles, stars, shattered glass and other patterned foils are available for a specialty finish in a range of colours. Transparent holographic foils are perfect for applying over a printed image to bring it to life.

Combination Foil Stamping

Combination foil stamping involves the use of a specialty in-house made die that combines both hot foiling and embossing into the stamped image which allows the printed substrate to be embellished in a single pass. Combination foil stamping is popular in larger run packaging to help lower price and turnaround times. Market research has shown that 30% of customers who hold a product will purchase it, and embellishment is proven to entice a customer to a product and make them want to pick it up.

Combination foil stamping is the craft that unites foil stamping and embossing into one press pass, affording a visually appealing product to also be tactile once held.


Foiltex allows you to differentiate your product, or achieve added security, with the addition of a micro pattern applied at the prepress stage. Foiltex is a superior laser-textured foil that has a superfine texture or series of different micropatterns, further adding movement and interest to a foil image. Standard or custom micro-patterns can be applied to incorporate a Foiltex design of your choice.

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