Avon Graphics is Australia’s leading supplier of security print applications, ensuring that confidential documents required by industries such as financial institutions, government, brand owners and educational centers have access to solutions to keep their documents safe.

Base Holographic Foil Stamping

Base holographic foils are a proven anti-counterfeiting measure. Using pressure and heat our processes apply an off the shelf security solution to cardboard, paper or plastic. Avon carries a large range of base holographic patterns and colours which can be used either for low-level security or to add exclusiveness and uniqueness to a high-end product.

Adding a foiltex pattern to base holographic foil can easily increase the level of security with a range of options available. Our friendly staff have the knowledge to help make your project secure whilst keeping your budget in mind.

Custom Made Holograms

Our purpose made holograms will bring the highest level of security to your printed product.

A master is created through the use of advanced laser technology from your supplied images and can have varying movements or alternating imagery.

Holograms are then pressed into a roll of foil which is now ready to be applied by using camera registration on one of our highly specialised presses. The end result is a multi-dimensional metallic image, produced to the highest of world standards.

Nano optical holograms include features that are nearly impossible to replicate, our experts can help ensure that your products remain safe from tampering or forgery by recommending different layers of security.

Request samples

Please complete the information form to receive a sample pack of our products in the mail.  We will happily forward specific print or embellishment processes should you require certain examples.